Today many people are showing interest in having parrots as their pet. Even though this is a better choice, they must make sure to provide the best care for their pet. Taking care of parrots is not just feeding them at right time. But like that of other pets like dogs and cats, the parrots should also be cared in several means. The people who are new to the parrot care ca n make use of the following discussion.


Obviously the parrots are to be provided with the best cage. When compared to other birds the parrots will be in need of a spacious cage. The pet owner must remember that the cage is the home for their parrot. Hence they must be more cautious while buying the cage. The cages are available in various sizes and shape. The cage should be spacious enough for the parrot to spread its wings. The cage with padlock is always safer for growing parrots. This is because if there is no pad lock, the parrot can easily find its way to escape. Buying the right cage is not the only important thing but it should be placed in right location and it should also be cleaned regularly.

Nutritious diet

Providing food for the parrot throughout the day is also risky. The parrots can be fed once or twice in a day. For a better nutritious plan, one can also consult the experts to know about the foods and quantity for feeding parrots. Since the digestive track of the parrot will be more sensitive than they sound to be, one must be more careful in feeding them with the right food. The foods like onion, candies, fat rich foods and garlic can easily affect their health and can also lead to its death. Hence for best advice over their food, the experts can be consulted.


Grooming is to be done according to the type of the parrot. Many parrots may not be in need of grooming while there are some species which should be groomed regularly. Their nails can be trimmed in case if they are too sharp. And if the owner is planning to clip their wings, it is highly important to get the suggestion of the vet.

Along with these care, the parrots can also be bathed regularly. In case if there are any changes in their behavior it should be notified to the vet immediately.