Dogs usually have a great appetite, especially when it comes to meaty foods. But giving them their favorite treat may not be a good idea to begin with, primarily because most of them have sensitive guts. Dogs, in general, are omnivores. They need to be fed a balanced diet to stay healthy. Fats found in meat are really tasty, but this delight will only throw their guts’ health out of balance because fats are moderately digestible. Always remember our stomachs are different from our pets. So, refrain from feeding them foods that are inappropriate for them. Here are things you need to know:

Dog Foods: Pros and Cons

Because dogs have sensitive guts, many companies have made the effort to make good foods for the health of your furry friends. Listed below are the types of foods you can feed to your dogs along with their benefits and disadvantages.

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Types Pros Cons
Canned Foods Easy to chew and digest especially for dogs with missing teeth and are sick Pricey compared to dry foods
Good for dogs with renal problems Prone to contamination
Very tasty Can cause loose stools
Long shelf-life Need a frequent dental cleaning
Dry Provides complete and balanced nutrition (proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber, and minerals) Prone to contamination while being processed
Good for the dental health of dogs. Has a tendency that incorporates  low-quality of meat
Convenience in feeding Low moisture content could lead to skin irritation
Might contain allergens like corn, wheat, grains, soy, and preservatives
Raw Keep the dental health of dogs in good condition Prone to contain harmful bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella
Improves digestion and bowel movement Does not offer a well-balanced nutrient
Promotes healthier skin In excess, it might cause intestinal damages due to bowel obstruction
Home-cooked Has superb nutritional value since it is made out of fresh ingredients It will be challenging to create a balanced meal for your dogs.
Grants you total control over your dog’s meal, hence, allergens can be identified and eliminated Does not last long compared to processed foods
It will involve lots of experiments to find the right meal that will match the palate and the needs of your dogs.

Among the four meals, the most convenient one for your dogs are home-cooked meals. But if you are not sure what to put in it, try a dog food delivery that freshly makes food based on your pet’s choice.