Some of the best pets for emotional support are cat calming treats. When we are under pressure, they keep us company, but they might also feel uneasy and act shakily. The best relaxing cat treats are due to our tiny feline companions because they make wonderful pets. To help calm an anxious cat down, there is an endless supply of cat calming products available in stores and online. But which product is ideal for your cat? Being calm and comfortable throughout the appointment is one of the best strategies to reduce your cat’s nervousness. Pet your cat on the head or stroke her in her preferred location while speaking to her in a soothing, quiet manner. For cats, calm is now available in bite-sized pieces. In normal stressful situations, calming chews can keep your cat quiet and relaxed. These cat calming treats could lessen the negative effects of regular environmental stress and encourage calm and relaxation. These chews are suggested for situations where your cat can become worried, such as travel, veterinary visits, visitors, changes to the home, or other scenarios.

cat calming treats


If your cat experiences anxiety of any kind, you may be searching for novel remedies to ease her tension. Calming cat treats contain substances that are meant to calm your cat’s nerves, so they can undoubtedly be helpful. Even if there are a tonne of cat soothing treats available for you to pick from, it can be a little tough to know where to look and which companies to believe. Calming treatments are typically referred to as nutraceuticals in the veterinary community.

Over-the-counter (OTC) supplements called cat calming treats can help pets feel less anxious, stressed, or afraid. They can be used to treat both acute stress and situational anxiety (like fear of fireworks or visits to the veterinarian) (as in a cat who suffers from chronic anxiety). If your cat is exhibiting severe or chronic anxiety symptoms then your veterinarian may also recommend different anti-anxiety treatments in addition to calming vitamins.

Ingredients in cat calming treats can support your cat’s mental and physical well-being. Since they are typically appealing to cats, calming treats are usually a simple approach to help reduce your cat’s anxiety.

  • Keep the noise levels down around your cat if you can to keep her from becoming agitated by an unusual person or place.
  • Use a towel to cover the carrier to reduce noise when she is inside.
  • If she starts to get irritated, put on some relaxing music in your house.


Although it is simpler to encourage our pets to eat calming or sleep chews, if it is consumed in excess, they can alter the sodium levels in the blood. Increased thirst or more severe nervous system symptoms like agitation, tremors and even seizures may occur if salt levels are too high.