Clean Your Urine For Drug Testing Companies


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Passing a drug can be made very simple depending on what you are trying to wash out of your system. I personally do not condone using drugs in most workplaces while performing your duty, but on the other hand, I am not the one that is going to say do not use them at all in the privacy of your own home and safe. Ones personal life should not interfere with if they are allowed to work or be apart of something. I am no professional, and I have never been involved with this conflict, I have been around others who have, I have done research, and worked with addicts so I will do my best to give you my knowledge and opinions.

I will be going through possible way to pass a drug test and the hopefully the best way to make them work as well. I will also touch on many misconceptions on remedy’s that many people think work but truly do not. Lastly, I will be briefly exposing you to how employment laws work and how you are protected to a point when taking a drug test for an employer.

The most effective way to pass a test especially if you have a heads up on when the test will be administered, and that would be to abstain from using, most drugs leave your system between three and five days. The only exception does that would be if you are avid marijuana smoker, and getting that out of your system in a hurry can be very tricky. I will do my best to describe my indirect and direct experiences with this topic. Obviously, if you have the time and ability to do a whole body flush that would be the way to go.

What is a body flush? There are many other methods that can help speed up this process as well. Such as lemon juice, lemon juice is very acidic and almost like using alcohol to remain a stain. Luckily you don’t need much of this it only takes a couple teaspoons in a glass of water to start to act effectively. You will need to have a particular lemon to water ration and drink at least 7 to 8 bottle a day leading up to the test.

Another option I have read about is a mixture made by mixing as many detoxifying ingredients as possible. I personally do not recommend this particular way of doing it due to the fact that it can be very uncomfortable and has a very bitter and unpleasant taste. I do have a sort of recipe that I have researched via google searches so I will give one to you know, but also feel free to add more or less if you would like.

You will need a full glass of water roughly about 16 ounces, then add about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, use the same measurement of lemon juice from above, about a teaspoon of ginger if you have it, a very small amount of cinnamon lets say a quarter teaspoon, just a little bit of cayenne pepper and finally feel free to add something that might help with flavors such as honey or sugar or a drink mix. You will need to choke this down at least 3 times a day. As I said this is one of the least fun one, but as my research seems to indicate this is a worthy way of passing a drug test.

Then, of course, there is obvious why to flush your system, and that is water. The idea here is not to chug as much water as you need all day but one much more simple or so I have heard. The idea is to wait about an hour or maybe 30 minutes before you have to take your test. Then you should start investing as much water as you can and ignore the fact you have to go to the restroom. Hold in all the urine, and when you take the drug test you should flood the cup with strict water. Therefore no traces of drug will be found in that particular test.

I want to take a timeout after the last section to address that sometime watering down your urine is not the best way to pass a drug test depending on whom you are taking it for. sometimes inconclusive test can work against you. As from indirect experience I knew a young gentleman in a drug court who had to take a random drug test. He had been using again and he to take a test that same day, and he did use this method. The courts saw that is urine was extremely water saturated and they deemed it positive, therefore putting him back in jail. So please be wise and know who you are passing a test for and what they are looking for.

a) Natural Detoxification

If it’s scehduled in a month, then there is less to worry about as you can get rid of illicit drugs like cannabis from your system by abstaining from using it, doing exercises and drinking lots of liquids. Your body contains systems that naturally cleans your blood and urine with time. THC being fat soluble, for instance, get stored in the fat cells and may remain in your system for a long period of time. Natural cleansing supplemented with actual diet and exercise are highly recommended in this case.

b) Use a Detoxification Program to Clean Your System

When your drug test is scheduled to take place in at least one week time, a detoxification program can help you get rid of illicit drugs in your system by speeding up the body’s detoxification system. The good thing with the program is that it comes set with home testing kits that allow you to verify your systems cleanliness before going for your scheduled drug test.

c) Cleansing the same day

There are tests that usually come up sooner than expected. When that is the case, consider using some detoxification drinks. The drinks are renowned for flushing your system when you take them and can keep your system clean for a period of up to six hours. Evidence suggests that certain drugs like cocaine have a short life in your system when taken infrequently. For chronic users, the drug may stay for up to 72 hours. Other research evidence, however, suggests that the drug can remain in the system for up to 22 days. If you infrequently do cocaine, consider not doing the illicit drug a day before your interview, otherwise, you are doomed to fail the test.

d) Avoid doing drugs

This is the best and safest way to pass a drug test. For frequent drug users, this may be an uphill task considering the fact that you are already drug dependent but it is worth it. Drug abuse has become so common that there is a pretty good chance that you will have to take it. Lots of companies that perform tests on their employees to detect the presence of illicit drugs. This is clearly understandable since companies lose billions of dollars every year from lost productivity resulting from the abuse of drugs. This is why we have educational videos. Employees in safety-sensitive industries are often exposed to random tests and with those found positive given advanced warning about the test. Test tests currently play a huge role in the making decisions involving hiring job applicants as well as assigning or reassigning employees.

Other Ways to Pass a Drug Test

If you have decided to ignore the warning of not smoking, snorting or injecting yourself will illicit drugs despite an impending test, you can still pass the tests in other ways. One way is by altering your sample which can be achieved when you flush your system of the evidence of drug use or add something to your urine immediately you pee into a cup. The other way involves using another person’s urine. You should, however, understand that these “advanced” tricks can easily be detected by laboratory technicians. Most addicts sometimes don’t think clearly and may go to an extra mile of adding nearly everything to their urine samples including vinegar or colored solutions which will be instantly recognized with the naked eye. Some smokers may urge you to add detergents to pass the test but this does not work. Although detergents do not change the color of the urine, it can make it bubble making a scientist suspicious of the test. Once there is a suspicion surrounding the sample, an additional test will be recommended which will uncover the presence of your detergent

Although flushing your system is an ideal way of preparing for a drug test, you may not pass. Whether it is excess water or juice that you have drunk, there is a likelihood that your urine will appear clear drawing suspicion that you poured in water into the sample container or you have flushed your system. In such a scenario, additional tests are usually recommended to uncover your hidden tricks. Using someone’s urine is another trick that if you can pull off, can make you pass a drug. First of all the person’s urine has to be drug-free otherwise failure is on your door if you the urine of your smoking partner. Most tests may also require that you pee under strict observation making the trick undependable.