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Jurassic World (formerly Jurassic Park IV) is the fourth instalment in the iconic Jurassic Park film franchise. From executive producer Steven Spielberg and director Colin Trevorrow, Jurassic World hits theaters June 12th, 2015. Browse this website for the latest news & information on Jurassic World's cast, characters, plot synopsis and new Dinosaurs!

2015-03-03 15:53:40

When Jurassic World first was announced it was hinted that Universal Studios were gearing up to revive their iconic Jura...

2015-03-02 16:20:35

Some new promo pics of Hasbro's Indominus Rex figure have surfaced today, as well as a site to buy them once they come out. They s...

2015-02-27 16:10:30

A new viral marketing video for Jurassic World has hit the web, this time focusing on showing off the Hammond Creation Lab - ...

2015-02-26 22:50:12

A few new Jurassic World movie stills have been featured in the latest issue of Empire Magazine. Thankfully, scans of th...

2015-02-26 17:15:24

The official Jurassic World movie website DInosaur index has been updated! Information and specs pages for Suchomimus, Baryon...

2015-02-24 18:59:17

A new viral video for Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World has hit the web and reveals an interesting and nostalgic intorduction ...

2015-02-17 15:23:21

A new trailer for Jurassic World is projected to debut in theaters with Universal Pictures' Furious 7 on April 3rd, 2015...

2015-02-15 15:36:14

An incredible 3D poster for Jurassic World has been discovered and features a look at two of Owen's (Chris Pratt's) Velocirap...

2015-02-15 12:37:56

During Toy Fair, box art for a number of upcoming Jurassic World LEGO sets have been revealed! In total, 6 individual se...

2015-02-15 12:10:26

Toy Fair has brought forth some incredible updates for Jurassic World fans! Many of the film's promotional merchandise was on...

2015-02-13 12:33:57

The first photos of one of the official Jurassic World LEGO sets have hit the web and reveal some interesting information reg...

2015-02-13 10:39:07

Hasbro, famous for creating the Transformers, have for many years also been creating toys for many other franchises including Star...

2015-02-12 19:54:53

"You just went and made a new Dinosaur? Probably not a good idea..." Ironic foreshadowing by Chris Pratt's character Owen in ...

2015-02-10 17:57:56

A new viral video for Jurassic World was released today, detailing the security measures Masrani Global has taken to ensure p...

2015-02-08 13:01:15

A number of photos of Hasbro's Jurassic World wave 1 toy packages have been released online, showing off the final produ...

2015-02-05 11:22:04

Although for Jurassic Park fans this is relatively recent news, for Lego video game fans the announcement yesterday of a Lego Jura...

2015-02-01 16:51:48

The new Jurassic World trailer left us hyped and for some of us, probably a little terrified. With so many quick cutscenes re...

2015-02-01 15:36:44

The new Super Bowl Jurassic World trailer is now LIVE! After the coin toss, Universal Pictures released the trailer on YouTub...

2015-02-01 15:11:08

Unlike Site B, Isla Nublar's new Jurassic World will only feature one Tyrannosaurus Rex on the Island. Not only that, but its...

2015-02-01 13:40:40

Two new viral videos for Jurassic World has hit the web today in preparation for the new Jurassic World Super Bowl trail...

2015-02-01 13:14:50

With the new Jurassic World trailer just moments away from debuting during the Super Bowl, the official Jurassic World w...

2015-01-31 11:51:34

Jurassic World's director Colin Trevorrow released a photo of one of Jurassic World's velociraptors on Twitter earlier this a...

2015-01-30 19:39:29

Following the big reveal of Jurassic World's new main attraction, the Indominus Rex, director Colin Trevorrow sat down w...

2015-01-29 13:43:04

After months of speculation and discussion about Jurassic World's new hybrid Dinosaur, the official Jurassic World movie...

2015-01-24 14:25:23

A hardcover book for Jurassic World has been discovered on Amazon! This 32-page Augmented Reality book is on sale for $1...

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