This post will provide suggestions on what to include, how much to have, and how to use your dog’s playpen for indoor and outdoor safety. There are many types of dog playpens; some are more expensive than others, but all have new dog checklist benefits for the owner and the dog.


Some of the most common questions about our website are from people who want a product recommendation or advice on purchasing that product. One frequently asked the question is, “What is your recommendation for a playpen?” With our popularity in puppy training circles, we can provide this information quickly and without hesitation.


There are a wide variety of dog playpens on the market. Depending on your needs, you can buy a basic plastic pen, a more oversized metal pen with wheels, a wire cage and topper, or even a wholly enclosed dog crate. The most important thing to consider when choosing a suitable puppy playpen is your budget and necessity. In terms of learning how to use your new puppy playpen, it’s helpful to have some instruction in advance so that when you bring home your new addition, you’re ready for training.

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You can talk to your breeder about your needs and how they will help you. Most importantly, you have some way to keep your new dog contained when indoors. It’s not only for his safety but yours as well. You will want a comfortable and secure place for your puppy dog to sleep, play, eliminate and eat in a contained area. A small room or corner of a larger room can work well if the space is only used for some time until housetraining has been completed. Also, remember that potty training is much easier outdoors than in the house.


When we receive an email from someone who has not been using their puppy playpen for a while, we want to remind them that you don’t want to keep your dog in the playpen without supervision for long periods. Your dog needs a chance to explore and get used to being inside his own space. The longer your puppy is in pen, the more difficult it will be for you. You may think that your baby is happy, but she isn’t. She’s missing out on a “walk” or “run” or other activity that she would have done normally if not confined by a crate or pen.


In conclusion, it is helpful to have a playpen for your puppy. It’s not only their safety, but removes It takes away the guesswork on what will happen when your puppy grows too large for thallows you an opportunity to correct any undesirable behaviors before they become habits.