CBD is one of the most talked about supplements right now, in part because of its potential health benefits. But what are the health benefits of Hemp oil for cancer in dogs?

  1. It can reduce pain and inflammation

CBD reduces chronic pain in animals and humans, as well as inflammation all over the body. This makes it a great option for pets who experience pain from cancer symptoms like malaise, fatigue or weight loss.

  1. It has anti-cancer properties

CBD inhibits the growth of tumor cells in different types of cancers including breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer and lung cancers (among others) by causing cell death and blocking cell growth in general

  1. It can help manage your pet’s cancer symptoms

CBD also helps manage nausea and vomiting, two common symptoms of many types of cancers and cancer treatments.

Hemp oil for cancer in dogs

  1. It can help with the side effects of cancer treatments

While CBD is not intended to replace traditional treatment for your pet’s cancer, it can act to complement the care you’re already giving them by improving their quality of life. One study found that CBD was especially effective at easing pain caused by chemotherapy treatment in mice

  1. It relieves anxiety

As CBD is naturally calming, it can help ease anxiety that may be caused by your dog’s other symptoms or by you worrying about them.

  1. It can help with your dog’s appetite

CBD may also help stimulate appetite and warding off weight loss in cancer patients, making it an excellent choice for dogs who lose their appetites due to cancer treatment.

  1. It can promote a healthy digestive tract

One study found that CBD is particularly effective at relieving issues in the gut and promoting the growth of healthy gut cells.  This could benefit pets on chemotherapy or other treatments that may cause problems in their digestive tracts.

  1. It can improve your dog’s mood

CBD also has antidepressant effects, which may make it helpful in relieving depression and anxiety. However, CBD has not been shown to be helpful in overcoming or preventing post-traumatic stress disorder in dogs or humans.

  1. It can help manage pain and symptoms associated with the end of life

If your pet is starting to get more serious about their cancer and its treatment, CBD may help you make the most of their quality of life during this time. It is especially useful for managing pain as these symptoms become more intense. And though it isn’t known to prolong life, CBD may also help manage issues like nausea as tumors grow and press on organs like the liver.