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Mini dinopet herbivores

As my great buisness partner sci fiking had ready said, there is a new shipment.  The next batch are her...

10 Replies

DinoPets Shippments!

Good news! A load of dinosaurs have arrived at our Breeding Factory! We have read your requests, and I'm glad ...

12 Replies

Spinosaurus "Cameo" in Jurassic World

One of my friends on another forum pointed this out to me. Anyways in the Jurassic World trailer if you pause ...

3 Replies

Save The Rex Till The End?

So, what if we don't see the T.rex until the end of the movie? D-Rex is created to be the new star of Jurassic...

14 Replies

tag team debate

tag teams are. carnosaur tyrant king somethig real vs. lord of the spinosaurus  Mr.happy rex fan ...

4 Replies

Jurassic World timer

Has anybody noticed that the timer for the release of the Jurassic World trailer is still going on(I doubt tha...

3 Replies

JURASSIC WORLD - ''Chaos Effect'' Toy Commercial

Decided to mix the old Jurassic Park Chaos Effect Toy Commecial with Jurassic World and it seems to fit lol ...

4 Replies

He's Back.

So, as you could probably tell from the title... I'm back after (what has it been 3?) several months of inacti...

4 Replies

Jurassic World... Who's going to die?

So now that we all seen the trailer, I want to discuss this- Who do you think is going to die? (If the embe...

19 Replies

Mosasaurus vs new d-rex?

I hope the mosasaurus didnt play a secondory role but i think he willIt whould be awesome if they will bring t...

5 Replies

An Explanation

Whenver I go look at the trailer, I see comments that say " The CGI sucks." The reason for this is that the CG...

2 Replies

a way for the dilo to appear in jurassic world

well my idea is that during the river conoeing scene the dilo should appear near the river bank similar to the...

4 Replies

Primal king vs tyrant king

Ah, a battle of the kings. xenosmilus vs arctodus. king has xenosmilus and king has arctodus....

14 Replies

Will the T. Rex take on Diabolus in JW?!

So, as the title says, its quite obvious that the Jurassic World Raptors will be used against the D. Rex. Howe...

46 Replies

New mini series The legendary king part 1

I will be doing about six parts to this or till i figure out what to do with my other serise  Also Juras...

0 Replies

How tamed Raptors could be plausible

Awhile back, a lot of JW storypoints were leaked. Like the D-Rex's origins and the fact that Chris Pratt's cha...

10 Replies

Me vs Carnosaur

Carnosaur looks like a very good debater. Now everyone are hyped due to JW trailer, but I'd like to challenge ...

3 Replies

Thoughts on the Jurassic World trailer?

JP cerato posted a low quality version, but you can findd the HD version Here: http://www.scified.com/site/ju...

7 Replies

How Does the Park Go Out of Control?

Well the title already says it. How does this park go out of control? I have a theory that is loosly based off...

2 Replies

I just hope JW doesn"t completely suck

Let face it, TLW and JP3 were let downs compared to Jurassic Park. I am super excited like everyone else but a...

5 Replies

Jurassic World Trailer (Bad Quality)

Hi guys I know lotrs of people have posted this, but some got taken down, here it is, my first look, all the o...

6 Replies

CG or Practical

If anyone's worried, check this: https://twitter.com/colintrevorrow/status/537095926540562432...

3 Replies

Project: Titan / Dinopets

Ingen Board of Executives Revew Period: 2014/2015 Winter   THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENT IS FOR THE INGEN EX...

10 Replies


(The follwing is inspired by TK's Dinosaur pets post)        Hello! Welcome to the ...

10 Replies

More JW trailer clips!!!

Guys please excuse my language, but holy Shit!!!!! Leaked Mosausaur feeding and everything watch this please y...

24 Replies
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Latest Jurassic World Discussions
10 replies
Mini dinopet herbivores

Nov-26-2014 2:39 PM

12 replies
DinoPets Shippments!

Nov-26-2014 2:12 PM

3 replies
Spinosaurus "Cameo" in Jurassic World

Nov-26-2014 1:17 PM

14 replies
Save The Rex Till The End?

Nov-26-2014 1:13 PM

4 replies
tag team debate

Nov-26-2014 10:16 AM

3 replies
Jurassic World timer

Nov-26-2014 9:21 AM

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