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Battle of Ancients: Afrovenator V.S Sinraptor


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Jurassicworld.com dinosaur mistakes 2.

Okay, lets continue from where we left off. 3. Stegosaurus Stegosaurus has changed very little, but there ar...

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Jurassic World Story

When John Hammond dies of cancer, His son continues his legacy by opening a park up called Jurassic World and ...

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Prehistoric Kingdom Receives Site Updates

Didn't see anyone post this Yet, So, I jumped on the chance.    The Much awaited game "Prehis...

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Saurophaganax v Acrocanthosaurus

man oh man, been a while since i've written one of these. any way,let's get this party started :D! A. atoke...

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eocarcharia vs kelmayisaurus vs utahraptor

eocarcharia dinops this individual is 36 feet long and four tons. I know regular eocarcharia was nowhere ne...

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Jurassicworld.com dinosaur mistakes.

 1. Triceratops This is the current image of Triceratops and this is what Triceratops used to look like...

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Original JP writer praises JW script

http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2015-01-23/jurassic-park-was-by-no-means-a-sure-thing-says-screenwriter Ju...

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Judy Greer interview from Larry King's Show

Short clip of Judy Greer intereview from Larry King's Show   just saw this, think you guy might wanna...

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Where are the JW carnivores located

Ok, so we pretty much know where all the herbivorous dinosaurs of JW are located. But, where do you think the ...

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I-Rex = Allosaur?

Is it just me, or does I-Rex look like an allosaurian-like dinosaur to you? I see it to pretty much be an allo...

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You're gonna love this


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Some random JW stuff

Ok, 2 things: 1. This tweet by Colin gives me hope JW will have good CGI.   @Jack_Ewins Out of the cu...

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Raptor and Dimorphodon

    Images added by Gojira2K.  ...

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Part 7 Ambush 5/12/2015, 1630 hours, Vardak Province, Afghanistan        ...

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JW are real?

Hi anyone know jurassic world are real like in official trailer? if real i really wanna go there...

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when did jurassic world open?

when did jurassic world open to the public, and start construction? thank you...

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The Lost World of the Four Dinosaur Kingdoms (Abstract)

(As in the title, this is a mere abstract I came up with that I'd like to show everyone since I think it sound...

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6 month anniversary!!!!

I have been here for six whole months!!!! niw I have seen some people doing one year anniversarirs but I can'...

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Toy descriptions

Kenner-like toys are back! 2:35   *Edits done by Raptor-401/F-Rex...

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Who was bigger?

I was just wondering if anyone could give me a "definite answer on who was bigger. Mapusaurus, giganotosaurus,...

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There are two spin-off series to my web series that will be comming up eventually- -The adventures of Roland ...

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Part 6 A New Plan 5/12/2015, 1530 hours, Vardak Province, Afghanistan       &...

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The T-rex attacks the Super Bowl

Catch the ''Jurassic World'' TV spot during the game, February 1st!! With these words grows the anticipation ...

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2 replies
Jurassicworld.com dinosaur mistakes 2.

Jan-25-2015 1:23 PM

0 replies
Jurassic World Story

Jan-25-2015 10:36 AM

7 replies
Prehistoric Kingdom Receives Site Updates

Jan-24-2015 9:34 PM

4 replies
Saurophaganax v Acrocanthosaurus

Jan-24-2015 6:23 PM

3 replies
eocarcharia vs kelmayisaurus vs utahraptor

Jan-24-2015 1:49 PM

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