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Sam Neill Should be in JW as well

I feel like Sam Neill Should be in JW as Alan Grant He was one of the highlight of the JP parts. His Manneri...

4 Replies

Return of the Dinosaur King :Battle of Titans chapter 4 part 12

World breaking Fury A new power came over him, he thinks, was it given to him ages ago by an ancient race. He...

0 Replies

Alteration, debate competition round 1

Well since our old friend mr.happy is gone rex fan no longer has an opponent.  That being said it now is...

5 Replies

Bonus Fight: Yangchuanosaurus vs Tyrannotitan

Here is a Bonus Fight, sizes may not be accurate, had trouble finding a good ones. Also pictures might not wor...

4 Replies

Podcast episode 3 : jurassic park 3

Hey everyone our jurassic park 3 podcast has now been uploaded and ready for you lovely jurassic fans!  ...

1 Replies

Short video from the JW set

I've spotted this little gem on the JPLegacy forum (HERE), so all credits go to the original poster.   ...

8 Replies

Hi, I'm Back!

Hi everyone, its been a long time, well a couple months.  Thanks to RexFan and Mr.Happy who have just in...

12 Replies

Debate competition round 1

Austraraptor vs achillabator mr.happy9079 vs rex fan684.( 9079 has achillabator and 684 has austraraptor) yo...

12 Replies

New video featuring CGI Spinosaurus animation

I saw some Spinosaurus animation before on this video from Nat Geo. Bigger Than T-Rex: Spinosaurus And ever ...

13 Replies

DDD: Fight 15- Spinosaurus vs. Sarcosuchus

Let's meet our contestants:   Spinosaurus Spinosaurus was a large carnivore that lived in Egypt duri...

4 Replies

Debate competietion. Week 1 round 1

Ok thus is the first week of the competition. A couple if you know how it works but the majority dosent so I w...

9 Replies

Dinosaur EQ

One way to measure intelligence is using the EQ scale. This scale runs up to 8. How do dinosaurs stack up agai...

14 Replies

Did allosaurs have extremely powerful senses of smell?

I'd like to thank rex fan for this:) allosaurids had skulls that had eyes on the side of there heads whi...

4 Replies

10 Large Theropods you've Never Heard of

Hello! In this list I am going to list 10 large Theropods a lot of you probably have never heard of. So, lets ...

43 Replies

How A Prehistoric Croc Would Fight on Land

So we all know giant crocs and giant dinosaurs encountered each other from time to time. It's not hard to imag...

17 Replies

Lego Ideas Jurassic Park -project

Hello, Just wondering could you guys help my Jurassic Park -project on Lego Ideas? Main goal there is reach 1...

3 Replies


For how long has this been here?! During the last month I checked every day if the site would finally go up ag...

6 Replies

Are Triceratops and Torosaurus the Same Dinosaur?

One of the biggest debates raging upon paleontologists is the identity of Triceratops and its larger relative ...

13 Replies

Biggest dinosaur mismatches

As the title says just post some dinosaur mismatches like torvosaurus vs bambiraptor. tricerstops vs compsog...

13 Replies

Michael Giacchino to score Jurassic World!

Checking Giacchinos official website (michaelgiacchinomusic.com) today I got a surprise: checking his works Ju...

4 Replies

Spinosaurus Infographic

I was trying to find some good pictures for the new Spino, when I found this. Building the Beast It is a Spi...

5 Replies

Jurassic World Trailer!!!!

Hey guys! This morning I was looking around for some new JW news and came upon this. Im am not 100% percent s...

4 Replies

Tyrannosaurus Vs. Giganotosaurus

Tyrannosaurus Weight: 6 metric tons Length: 12 meters Advantages: Stronger bite force, Smarter, Teeth are m...

5 Replies

The Deinocheirus puzzle solved!

Finally Found: The Body That Goes With These Monstrous Dinosaur Arms: In 1965, paleontologists unearthed a ...

9 Replies

if dinosaurus were the same size as modern day animals would they be able to thrive in todays world

just like the title says now i am talking about 10 foot 200 pound torvosaurus and 15 foot long 2 ton tricerat...

6 Replies
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Latest Jurassic World Discussions
4 replies
Sam Neill Should be in JW as well

Oct-30-2014 9:20 AM

5 replies
Alteration, debate competition round 1

Oct-30-2014 4:12 AM

1 replies
Podcast episode 3 : jurassic park 3

Oct-29-2014 2:53 PM

8 replies
Short video from the JW set

Oct-29-2014 3:08 AM

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