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dilophosaurus vs utahraptor

private debate between me and dilophosaurus. dilo vs utah. i have utah dilo has dilo :p...

17 Replies

Jurassic world at Universal Studios Florida

Do you think the Jurassic Park section at Universal Studios in Florida will be changed after the release of Ju...

5 Replies

Is there evidence that Countdown leads to trailer?

As you all know, the official website of Jurassic World has been launched at www.jurassicworld.com.   Y...

2 Replies

Dinosaur Survival 2

Hello and welcome to the second Dinosaur Survival, if you do not know the rules of it please check out the fir...

10 Replies

New T-Rex Skin

For the record, none of this is mine. I am simply bringing attention to it. Hello all. Maurizio, or as you ma...

7 Replies

Erectopus vs kileskus

Kileskus. length: 10 to 11 feet. weight: 400 to 500 pounds. height: 4 feet. weapons: 2 inch teeth, 3 to 4 ...

0 Replies

Mr.happy debates with carnosuar

Oxalia vs tarbosaurus. mr.happy has tarbosaurus and carnosaur has oxalia. one week begin!!!!!!!!!...

17 Replies

Mark englerts blue poster

I won this poster from the Instagram give away it's in mint condition and still in its original packaging it's...

4 Replies

Hammonds role in JW

Hello All!If you haven't Noticed, The Teaser Creeps, Closer... And closer, Like a hungry D-rex stalking it's p...

8 Replies

Dinosaur Survival

Alright, so I am going to start up a new series here, it's called "Dinosaur Survival". So here is how it works...

16 Replies

How T.rex Weight Was Distributed

So I decided to pull information from a number of sites, books, and documentaries to try and determine how T.r...

8 Replies

Jurassic World official website redirect to Facebook

I live in Sweden, and when i click on the Jurassicworld.com website I keep being redirected to https://ww...

4 Replies

Is Masrani looking for something other than Dinosaurs?

Greetings, everyone.     I just had another go at the Jurassic World site and discovered that ...

9 Replies

My thoughts of the Masrani website

I personally enjoyed the site, and the layout made it seem like a legit business. It was pretty cool seeing th...

3 Replies

Jurassic World Website Discoveries

With the launch of the official Jurassic World viral websites, a plethora of new content has been reveale...

16 Replies

Masrani Applications? Wha? POST YOUR RESULTS HERE

So, as most of you probably ahve been Nerding out like myself over the new JW Site Launches...    ...

17 Replies

Upcoming Group Project

So, I'm organizing an upcoming event. Myself and a few other members will be doing research on some of the mos...

15 Replies

Lego D-Rex Matches Rex Redemption!

Remember the mysterious shadow labeled Rex Redemption?     And, hmm, notice the Lego D-Rex? &n...

20 Replies

Website launch

http://www.masraniglobal.com/ What do you know? The  shadow was a Spinosaurus skeleton!...

0 Replies

First look at Lego D-rex?

http://www.slashfilm.com/first-look-jurassic-world-new-dinosaur/ ...

3 Replies

Return of the Dinosaur King :Battle of Titans chapter 4 full

           Chapter 4 The Cult I am thanatos general of ca...

1 Replies

Idea for JW/ T-rex coloration

First things first, I think that in the film, they should not reveal what the D-rex looks like early on. They ...

10 Replies

Final Battle Royale News

Howdy All!   I'm not going to make up an Excuse, I just haven't been online For a couple weeks now...&n...

3 Replies

Super HD Jurassic World Movie Wallpaper (2880 x 1800)

For those of you looking to trick out your desktop with some Jurassic World goodness, here's an extremely...

3 Replies

Jurassic World Raptors

Hello everyone! As you know we have recieved leaked pics of what could be the JW legos! And as exciting it is ...

17 Replies
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Latest Jurassic World Discussions
17 replies
dilophosaurus vs utahraptor

Nov-20-2014 4:02 PM

10 replies
Dinosaur Survival 2

Nov-19-2014 2:42 PM

7 replies
New T-Rex Skin

Nov-19-2014 2:12 PM

0 replies
Erectopus vs kileskus

Nov-19-2014 12:44 PM

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Tyrant king Dilo your up.
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