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Hey guys I'm new here

Hello, you can call me ''Lord of the Spinosaurs", or Tiborg which I go by on another dinosaur forum. Anyways, ...

8 Replies

question about theropods

is it possible that theropods could have horns. we know carnotaurus had horns above its eyes but what about a ...

8 Replies

Tyrannosaurus rex - up to date art

I finally cut work some loose and I decided to do something fun for my Deviantart gallery... and what best tha...

12 Replies

Dinosaur Name Tongue Twisters! (Funny Prehistoric Names!)

(My first Jurassic World scified post! Yay!) Time for a silly discussion, dinosaur names! Dinosaur names are...

7 Replies

Clash of North and South: Spinosaurus vs Acrocanthosaurus

Spinosaurus vs Acrocanthosaurus   Spinosaurus- spined lizard     Fighter Size- 14.6 met...

16 Replies

Poisonous Dinosaurs

First of all...this is not a place to talk about the dilo having poison in JP. This is a scientific topic abou...

11 Replies

tyrranotitan vs titanovenator

tyrranotitan(pack of 5) length:42 feet long. weight:6 tons. height:19 feet. weapons: 4 to 9 inch blades fo...

1 Replies

Lex and Tim in JW?

http://www.jplegacy.org/board/showthread.php?t=26978  Thoughts?...

5 Replies

Clash of North and South: Tyrannosaurus vs Carcharodontosaurus

And so yet another Clash of Season begins. Here it is, the first fight in Clash of North and South...   ...

20 Replies

Questions about JW

Hello everyone! I have a few questions concerning Jurassic World. Now I'm not 100% percent sure if they've bee...

5 Replies

So many predators, I don't know where to start!

I don't know I this double posted but I didn't see it, I have been looking up medium to small predatory dinosa...

0 Replies

Some theropods

So I have been looking into some small to medium sized carnivors and, I see all these names and don't know whe...

3 Replies

DDD: Fight 13- Tarbosaurus vs. Zhuchengtyrannus

Let's meet our contestants:   Tarbosaurus Tarbosaurus was a large carnivore that lived in Mongolia d...

6 Replies

New Spinosaurus Hunting Techniques

      Since people are doing speculations about the new design of Spinosaurus, I thou...

16 Replies

Random Fight: Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Spinosaurus

Random Fight: Rex vs Spino; Jurassic Park Full Grown Sizes   I know, any fight involving Rex and Spino ...

23 Replies

Swamp scene filmed

http://www.jplegacy.org/board/showthread.php?t=26972  Maybe this will be the jungle river cruise. Who els...

5 Replies

Does anyone remember the singing raptor?

Does anyone remember this video, it was put up 8 years ago. Its called Numa Numa Raptor and was uploaded by a ...

5 Replies

Vehicles of Jurassic Park: Who Sponsored It More And Subtle Reference?

So, I was thinking. In Transformers, Chevy/GMC clearly sponsored the movie more than Ford did because Bumblebe...

18 Replies

Spinosaurus Nesting

Hello there.     Over the past few weeks, I've had the time to consider the implications of the new hypoth...

44 Replies

im going to miss you scified

hello rexfan, dinosteve, mrhappy, someyhing real ect. i am posting ehat may be my final post for quite some ti...

32 Replies

Dinosaur King : Extinction part 6

It has been a few weeks since i posted anything and it has been a year since i posted par tof this story so if...

1 Replies

DDD: Fight 12- Siats vs. Mapusaurus

Let's meet our contestants:   Siats Siats was a medium carnivore that lived in Utah, U.S.A., during ...

7 Replies

Muzzled Raptors? Not so fast

So, i know people like using the JW Raptor pic to suggest muzzled raptors. but let's not get ahead of ourselve...

5 Replies

megalosaurus vs allosaurus

allosaurus. length: 30 feet long. height:13 feet weight:2.5 tons weapons: 8 inch hand talons, standard bit...

3 Replies

(rough) Pyroraptor size comparison for RexFan's site

I've been toying around with some ideas, this one was the first i have any where near complete. It's arough sk...

7 Replies
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8 replies
Hey guys I'm new here

Oct-21-2014 6:09 PM

8 replies
question about theropods

Oct-21-2014 11:13 AM

12 replies
Tyrannosaurus rex - up to date art

Oct-21-2014 10:33 AM

11 replies
Poisonous Dinosaurs

Oct-19-2014 7:20 PM

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