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SDCC Exclusive Jurassic World Poster Revealed! (Updated with Alternative Design)

SDCC Exclusive Jurassic World Poster Revealed! (Updated with Alternative Design)

Scified Jurassic World News 2014-07-21 11:45:54

Jurassic World director, Colin Trevorrow has just tweeted an image of an exclusive Jurassic World poster which will be available to a "resourceful few" at San Diego Comic-Con which kicks off this week. The poster itself shows a Velociraptor perched on top of a rusted out Jurassic Park SUV, the same one from Jurassic Park, which fell down the tree when Alan Grant attempted to rescue Tim after it had been thrown off the side of the Tyrannosaur Paddock, by the Rex herself. In the background you can see helicopters and cranes rebuilding the park, which will now be known as "Jurassic World". Check out the new poster below and let us know what you think in the comments section!

The poster looks fantastic, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for one while I'm at Comic-Con this week. Let us know your thoughts below!

UPDATE: An alternative variant to the poster above by Mark Englert has also been revealed on his website and will be released online. Apparently only 100 copies will be supplied. Check out the online variant below:

Watch the latest Jurassic World trailer:

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Posted by Chris Picard on 2014-07-21 11:45:54



this only mekes me think on my theory that the Wild dinosaurs cause all the havock realising drex

Rex Fan 684 ›

Nice poster!

Tim Adler ›

This Poster alone is better than The Lost World AND Jurassic Park 3 combined.. I believe this is the Sequel we deserved the first time..

Jhawkins1987 ›


thts a great idea. I never thought of that. I dunno how theyd do it . But it makes perfect sense for it to interupt a working park. Maybe the fence isnt to keep the animals in but to keep the rogue ones out! 

Just had a visualisation of the raptors breaking in and causing loads of havock! 


Impressed great theory

dinoboy22 ›

holy crap that might mean the old rex might return. thats awesome!

Jhawkins1987 ›

I dont wanna jynx it but this could be the best film of them all


if this is going to be another franchise like a trilogy, would be great to have a cliff hanger for the next. I love not knowing !!!

TheDinosaurMan ›

There's a second version of the poster as well at night. I also notice the Helicopters are carrying Dinosaurs. Triceratops in the first one, and a Stegosaurus in the second one. http://www.tacobelvedere.com/2014/07/jurassic-world.html

TheDinosaurMan ›


PhoenixJape ›

I love the idea of wild dinosaurs outside of the park. Hope they go that route. If the original Rex makes a return, I will cry. Literally cry.

dinoboy22 ›

maybe my idea of them capturing the old dinosaurs is correct. theres seems to be two helicopters bringing some in

Jezza ›

I like it.

Sci-Fi King25 ›

Interesting...Wait, so the new park won't be called Jurassic World?

Great Leonopteryx ›


Tim Adler ›

If the Park isn't called "Jurassic World", then are the Brochures not Legit? Something doesn't add up..

dinoboy22 ›

wait why are you saying its not jurassic world?

MuldoonLives ›

It could be a secret facility of some sort..like Isla Sorna was in TLW novel where it explains the dark side of Hammond's park, a kind of production facility. That's all I can think of, sadly.

MuldoonLives ›

The eggs are a great touch too in the land cruiser, I'm really diggin' the day/night posters a lot.

ozwally ›

Posters look absolutely brilliant, I love the combination of old and new with the land cruiser!


Wondering about the comment on the park not being called Jurassic World, perhaps Jurassic World actually refers to an ecosystem on the park of wild dinosaurs? Perhaps they havnt been able to capture them all as the poster hints at with the raptor eggs? I like comments above about wild dino's causing havoc, and the permiter fence being used to keep something from entering the park, rather than escaping it - that would be a good twist!

Also maybe it explains why park maps so far seem quite sparse of attractions, perhaps theres alot of wilderness for these wild dino's to exist in

fromholland ›

It's now obvious there will be wild dinosaurs, look at the brochure again and you will see a kind of gold line crossing the island. I think that line seperates the park from the wild dinosaurs.

fromholland ›

Also if you look at the brochure again, at the point where the golden line is, one side is full of dark green trees, that's where the wild dinosaurs are living.

ozwally ›

Good spot fromholland, i didnt actually notice that, and I do agree with what you suggest. Possibly a perimeter fence? Looking at some old maps from JP1, it looks like part if not all of the old rex paddock is included on the "wild side"

ozwally ›

sorry, hit enter abit early, anyhow. Showing the raptor from the rex paddock in the poster seems to make sense that this would be the wild side, with the raptor looking at the new visitor centre

Dino Master X ›

Like the poster, wish i could slap it on my wall right now, but that one statement about the place that will not be called Jurassic World confuses me. At first I thought he made a typo and he meant "that will be NOW be called Jurassic World...". But now looking at my key-board I see the 'W' and the 'T' keys are a little far away from each other to accidently slip your fingure and hit the 'T'. =/

Rex Fan 684 ›

I like the update too!

Peter Zanetti ›

OMG I can't describe how amazing this poster is.

I also love the thought that the wild Raptors could be there. Reminds me so much of the JP novel, where they have this big sophisticated-for-the-80s park with dinosaurs, and have no idea they have over 30 Velociraptors roaming free wherever they please on the island.


If this plot line could factor in, it would be lights out amazing. I think it very likely that Raptors would be the only wild dinosaurs....any others would have been easy to capture/discover. But the Raptors could have been extremely proliforous, eluding capture all that time. But they know they are there, so they fence them out. Until some people stumble across their terriroty and inadventernly give them a way in...


Rex Fan 684 ›

You know, in this new lighting, the raptor looks very thin. Like it's been struggling to survive on the island. Perhaps he, and the other wild dinosaurs, sees the new park as a new food source ;)


Just a thought.

Gojira2K ›

This is awesome! Finally a Jurassic World poster! And it is beautiful!

Jhawkins1987 ›

I dont know how u saw the tric in the other chopper. I can see the steg but the other is like a smudge haha very good eyesight. 


But anyway pic is awesome. And us lot talking all about the rogue animals on the outside+ the analysis of the map by a few of u, this has Made this proper exciting ! 

Something Real ›

WOW! That's extremely compelling imagery! I wonder if the island has a slight, um, "wild animal" problem? Maybe workers go "missing" every now and again... ;)

mortael ›

Here is a close-up of the chopper with the tric, found on the website in the article jurassic-world-FINAL-DETAIL-02.jpg

Jhawkins1987 ›



ah well done . I can see the tric now :) from distance it looked like a steg and its plates. But thats a great close up. 

victor_the_velociraptor ›

GUYZ!!! I THINK IVE FOUND ANOTHER SECRET TO THE MOVIE!!! ok, i was looking at the brochure until i came across the photo that shows a list of dinos, and then it hit me, what if the dinos on that brochure are also dinos that will be shown in the movie!


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