Jurassic World - Movie by Colin Trevorrow coming June 2015
Jurassic World Movie News
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Which Dinosaur will reign supreme on Isla Nublar in Jurassic World? You decide! Pick your team today!

Recent Status Updates
TheGMan123 This also means there's plenty more for you guys to read, comment, and hypothesize :D
TheGMan123 tinyurl.com/gmanthread Looks like the job ain't done just yet in my series :D
Cryolophosaurus Well you did say that you would have that writing challenge review out by new years, which was a month ago at this point.
x_paden_x Let it never be said that I'm not a man of my word. The Second chapter shall be delivered by Saturday.
x_paden_x the urge to curse is reaching Extremes, As the only existing copy of the almost finished Project Codex was... Deleted.
Carnosaur @indy, sorry for the late response...but like Svanya said, she's gonna be allright
Tyrant king Going to school.
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