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T-rex/Spinosaurus confront

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Xenomorph 54

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Hey mates, since there's a T-rex/Spinosaurus debate in this forum, I decided to show some actual facts about the two and probabilities of who would win if they had a confront.

Since those two predators lived in different times and places, a fight between them wouldn't have been possible, but let's imagine both co-existed.

1-Jaw comparison

In this aspect, T-Rex has the advantage. Its jaw was incredibly robust and strong and its teeth were "designed" to kill big preys.
Spinosauru's jaw and teeth were, however, more fragile and "designed" to catch instead of kill, since it probably preyed on fish (it could have hunt other dinosaurs of course)

2-Arms and Claws

Both had small arms, but spinosaurus had longer ones. Also, T-rex only had two claws/fingers, while spino had probably three.
However, this isn't an important aspect since dinosaurs like those wouldn't use claws in combat a lot.


The largest T-rex fossil found (named "Sue") was 12.8 meters long.
Spinosaurus is, however, estimated to be 17 meters long.


T-rex would probably win most of the times because the main weapon of both is the mouth/jaws.

Have you heard of phoenix asteroids? They glow in every color of the rainbow...they travel endlessly through space...

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The Limbix

There is no doubt that Jack Horner is a palaeontology genius, with his work on re-creating a living dino by reactivating ancestral genes in modern day birds, but I think his theory on T-Rex being a complete scavenger is wrong.

Yes he his huge, yes over long distance he may have been slow.
But short distance he would have been fast and possibly attacked his prey from the edge of jungle or bush.
T-rex had a very strong muscular structure, mostly focusing around the skull and neck but evident to extend over his entire body.
The bone density of the skull is high showing huge pressure was applied though the skull.

Also with length comes risk of injury, (ask any tall person) longer bones snap easier. The Spino was long it was, for a massive and intimidating predator, fragile.

I think the case is honestly closed on this, T- Rex would have killed the Spino. Especially if there was no chase between the dinos. It's bight pressure would have made sure of it.

However as Jack Horner said when working on the JP series, Jurassic Park was not really about facts, more about the imagination, fear, and wonder that such creatures give us. (Rex should have won).

Xenomorph 54

@Limbix Yes, some of the deciptions in JP are incorrect, like the Raptor and dilophosaurus....
And I agree with you too on Horner's arguments regarding T-rex...and triceratops.

Have you heard of phoenix asteroids? They glow in every color of the rainbow...they travel endlessly through space...

Chris Picard

I agree, Rex should have won 10 times out of 10. Like you said Limbix, Rex's jaws were designed to crush bone and in JP3, when the Rex got his jaws around the Spinosauruses neck, it should have been all over. He would've crushed the Spino's vertebrae and crunched every bone in his neck, cutting off air and killing the Spino in minutes.

It was pure Hollywood effects to make a bigger, nastier opponent out of a dinosaur that was bigger than T-Rex.

In all honesty, I think Giganotosaurus would have been a better opponent to Rex, though I've read that even Gigantosaurus may have had trouble defeating a Rex in combat, due to their bit force and brain capacity.

This is a great topic, and one that I thoroughly enjoy discussing, ever since I saw JP3 ages ago.

The Limbix

The tests of Giganotosaurus bones have suggested that it did not have anywhere near the bone density of a T-Rex, so ignoring muscle density and strength, T-Rex would have a good chance of killing a Giganotosaurus as well.
Another theory, although I am unsure how proven it is suggests that Giganotosaurus evolved over a smaller period of time ("evolutionarly" speaking) quicker than most dinos it's size. With lack of a better term, evolution had not worked out all the kinks yet, unfortunately it was not allowed to evolve more dense bone.

T-Rex, it's hard to find another dino, of that size, so well evolved for killing.


The Spinosaurus was an animal designed for fishing, but it is impossible that the Spino could feed his huge body only with fish, then is probably that the Spino was a super predator in its environment, with only the competition of predator Carcharodontosaurus and Sarcosuchus. Despite this their jaws are not endowed with the power to crush bones; and yeah, In JP3 the T-Rex used its enormous pressure on the neck of the Spinosaur and this seems just tickled during the attack...Something obviously not very realistic.

Respect whit the Giganotosaurus, well this point is highly dependent on predator and prey...for example the Tarbosaurus, yeah I know, this creature is very similar to the T-rex...but his bite was not as flexible. The T-Rex evolved to kill hard prey as the Triceratops. At the other extreme we have a Tarbosaurus that evolved to kill sauropods as the Nemegtosaurus.

In the case of Giganotosaurus we see something similar to Allosaurus, a creature with jaws weak but with plans and sharp teeth like daggers, to tear the skin of the sauropods. The T-Rex had teeth dense and thick like bullets.

Now in a battle undoubtedly would win the T-Rex, but the Giga would give a good fight, even more better than the Spinosaurus IMHO.


I like Mr. T-Rex.

Gavin Singleton

a pressy for you all...



Primal Carnage Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Spinosaurus That game demo tells the tale about that fight.

But seriously I love Spinosaurus.....NOT AS MUCH AS T-REX HOWEVER! The fight in JP3 was meant for the T-Rex to pass the torch, and try too show the general media (due to Jack Horner), that there is a carnivore much larger than T-Rex. And Hollywood trying to make a new baddie, for the series!

But studies have shown that Spinosaurus may of not have beem as fearsome, as he was displayed. And yes the Giganotosaurus may of given Rex a better fight than Spino...IMHO ^_^



all t-rex had to do is crush the spinosaurus's neck and done tyrannosaurus rex meaning tyrant lizard KING


I believe the Tyrannosaurus Rex would have won the fight right after the first bite. First of all, I don't believe that T-Rex was a scavenger for the several reasons bellow. I don't believe either that a Spinosaurus would be able to kill the King.
-T-Rex had one of the most powerfull jaw of all the land dinosaurs of all time.
-It had banana-like teeth that were made to crush bones. They were made like steak knifes. Some paleontologist believe that when he bites, he would have let some bacteria in the injury, leading to the death of the pray or rival.
-It had a binocular vision, so we can believe that he had a great eyesight.
-It had one, if not the best, smelling sense of all dinosaurs.
-Paleontologist believe it was smart like a house cat, making him one of the most intelligent dinosaur.
-If you compare the skeletons, the Spinosaurus bones were a little bit thinner to the neck than the T-Rex, making it more vulnerable.[img]http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/526/spinorexxp7.png/[/img]

Finally, I think Spinosaurus was a great predator at his time, but would not be able to kill the King because paleontologist believe it was eating fish and small dinosaurs. They also believe that the sail might be a disadvantage. Because it is connected to the vertabraes, if Spino fell on the back, it would have break it and Spino would be paralysed or could even die from this.

Well that's my point of view and sorry for the mistakes, english isn't my first langage. I believe the Tyrannosaurus Rex was an Apex predator, and was the greatest and most dangerous predator that walk on Earth of all time.

Huge fan of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Jurassic Park I and II movies. Hope the King will gets his revenge in Jurassic Park IV.


I do believe Tyrannosaurus would win the battle given recent finds of T-rex being pack hunters, Jack horner is right and wrong about our magnificent beast here. Tyrannosaurus rex probably hunted and scavenged because it was big enough to scar most other predators away from a kill

Hunter of the Hunters

Chris Picard

I agree with you there Bet and great post Xmorency13. Rex should have definitely won right from the start, as soon as he latched onto the Spinosaurus' neck. You bring up great points - hopefully in Jurassic Park 4, we see the king regain his title!


as a trex fan, i will try to be as objective as i can. i will try to relate to modern animals to make a few of my points. i have watched the fight between the rex and spino lots of times, its the worst part of the movie, jack horner has even admitted he wanted a new big dog on the block in the new movie, guess what? it back fired, alot of people didnt like jp3 as much as jp1 and 2. anyway back to the fight, in reality i dont think if two possible predators almost the same size would actually fight. they try to intimidate each other to get the other to back down, look at predators today, lions and crocs interact sometimes they dont always fight or kill each other, dinosaurs may have done the same. but if they were to fight it would be like a pitbull (rex) vs a great dane (spino) rex was a heavily built dino, built for power, spino was not. trex i believe was a predator but did scavage at times too, lions, hyneas, bears all do the same thing, they are predators but a large portion of their diet did comprise of dead animals. i do believe rex would win, bc as someone mentioned power of the jaws, intelligence, teeth the size of bananas. as in movie when he bit spino by the neck and swung him around, he was suppose to rip a huge chunk of flest off of him and most likely killing him on the spot but of course they wanted spino to win. anyways i hope a forth jurassic park is made and there is lots of rex to make up for jp3!



Spinosaurus ftw :D





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