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Does Megalodon still live?

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Last night I saw a T.V show on Discovery channel where a boat got sunk (April 4, 2013). It was originally thought to be a breaching whale that sunk it, but there where no bodies found, and when they got the audio from a video camera, someone had said "Oh my God! Shark!" When they looked at the boat, it looked like it had been hit from underneath.

Later, someone had taken a picture of something attacking a whale, and the dorsal fin was at least 6 feet tall, and 45 feet away from the whale. They then found an image of a massive shark next to a German U-Boat from WW2. They also found footage of a guy fishing with his dad, then the camera turned to the beach, and a humpback whale had its tail bitten of by something. There was also footage from an underwater camera in Chile, where a huge shark swam past it.

Near the end (April 23, 2013), they managed to attract it with a life size humpback whale decoy, and 4000 gallons of chum. First, the regular sharks appeared, then suddenly they all disappeared. The people got into a shark cage, and they actually tagged it. Then the cage got disconnected from the boat, and the decoy disappeared. They did find the divers in the cage, but not the cage or decoy. They had a signal from the tag, and the shark swam about 6522 feet before they lost connection with the tag. They never got a signal from it again.

They believe it is a Megalodon, and they believe it was around 80 feet.

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18 Replies

Rex Fan 684

I SAW THAT TOO! I was gonna post about it myself. I'm not convinced, but I do think it's possible. There is something out there. Maybe a Megalodon. Maybe not. But something.


I watched that too. It was a very interesting show to say the least :)
I see Megalodon surviving as a possibility.


Wasn't the end cool too? With the shark swimming past the cage?

Forgot to mention a tooth that was found and dated to be about 10 000 years old.

Rex Fan 684

Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives

That was the name of it. I recorded it so I could watch it over and over again, haha



Good idea. Pretty sure it would be on YouTube eventually though.

Rex Fan 684

True. I'm sure it would be.


I believe its a completely true documentation....

come to think of it... as we all know dinosaurs went extinct from either diseases or giant friggin space rocks....

But we have sharks and alligators (crocidiles... whatever) today, it was just thought they survived because of the extreme depths and lack of needed air to survive....

But it is extremely possible that there is still megladons alive... The biggest sea predator on the face of the planet, won't go down without a single fight...

as much as I Love sharks (theres no way you can't...) I do have to say that the idea of megladon living today is a tad frightening...

MANY look at this and say it was faked....

Look at discovery channel... is any of they're programs faked??

We have every right to believe this is legit and true...

(granted I did see 1 CGI shot in there that was edited in for effect...)

I believe mankind should look into this a bit more, (If i could afford and arrange an expedition... I would....) We can only dream and hope we see more...

I know it was arranged for shark week and all... But it was filmed April 4th and they lost the tag they hit the shark with... If i know discovery they will try again...


I cant wait to see what happens from this... maybe the world will look at cryptids a bit more believable

(This finding is documented at a cryptid... For they didn't get enough evidence to prove its whole existence... )

Sadly i checked over discovery channel on the telly, looks like we ain't going to see it re-air :(.....

So do you guys think its legit or a sink?


Saw the episode, it was awesome! I do believe that most of it was real, I mean what else could move the huge decoy whale like that? and the cage frick'n disappeared! It was dark so of course it was impossible to see the Megalodon attacking plus the damn thing is HUUUGE!! I did however see a few CGI scenes to add to the effect but everything else made me a believer. Heck there's even past photos too of megalodon sightings that go as far back as the cold war, plus the ocean is so deep and unknown, anything we haven't discovered could be living there. Anyone with a smart and opened mind would know that.

Rex Fan 684

Like I said, am I convinced? No. Do I think it's possible? Yes. Something is out there and it's attacking boats and whales. Something large and predatory. Is it Megalodon? Perhaps. Perhaps not. It could be a new species or a different sea creature once thought to be extinct, but is not. There are so many possibilities. One thing is certain though. There is something out there. We just don't know what it is exactly. We may never know. But we can try to find out.


I saw it, and I do think it could be a Megalodon. Yes, the end was a CGI thing, but I do believe that Megalodon is out there.


Mankind has only actually explored 40% of our entire planet...

So... With Mankind isolating itself inland to more habited areas...

Theres a lot of this world we have yet to explore....

*Have any of you ever heard about the dinosaurs in the congo?? Thats a prime example... we need to take these things more seriously...*


Yup, I've heard about it, I'd love to see a real live sauropod dinosaur or pterosaur captured on camera one day.


Dinosaurs in the Congo, did the birds there de-evolve?


Maybe some were just frozen in time

Rex Fan 684

While anything is possible, I think it's more likely that Megalodon is still alive as opposed to dinosaurs. I heard about that too, but I'm not nearly as convinced about dinosaurs still living as I am about Megalodon.



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